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Recap : The Flash Season 3

The Flash has had a tumultuous season this year and with the question of Iris’s life in question finally being answered, the final episode had a lot to live up to after the events of the previous episode with outstanding performances from Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) in helping Flash (Grant Gustin) finally confront Savitar (also Gustin) to stop him killing Iris and helping Killer Frost come back to being Caitlin Snow. There was a lot to do and a lot to live up to, so did the Flash deliver in its season 3 finale? Put simply no, no it did not.

The death of H.R and the tech used to pull the whole switcheroo thing was a surprise. More surprising that they did not use try and use some resurrection things or time travel to go back and save her. I’m not complaining about this, it was actually a nice touch. It was also the first thing to happen in the episode which was a nice way for it to be dealt with straight away.

Team Flash had a collision with Savitar and an opportunity to come to an agreement with loveĀ and compassion, but in true Flash style it was all about violence to close out the season finale resulting in another yawn-worthy episode that can never find the depth or emotion from season 1.

The fight scenes were rushed and felt out of place. Having Iris kill Savitar was a smart move, and I was happy that it wasn’t Barry that had to do it. There were a few scenes in which Savitar runs and some trees fall down as a result, Kid Flash slides under the trees in this bold cinematic shot that had no context in this episode.

At the end of the episode as we learn that Jay Garrick has been released from the time force prison to help stop Savitar, Barry voluntarily enters to go to stop the speed force from destroying Central City. It came out of nowhere and was a little bit of a cop out. Why didn’t Jay just go back to the prison? His Earth was safe, he didn’t have any friends or family…It made not one scrap of sense and the rushed goodbye’s felt as fake as the storyline did.

The Flash Season 3 final was one of the biggest disappointments that this show has ever produced, particularly that of a finale. I am not sure if the writers were too busy with the amazing job on the Supergirl finale, or they just ran out of ideas. It was an extremely disappointing finale and I honestly don’t know if I have the spare time to keep watching week by week next season. The Flash Season 3 is streaming now on Foxtel Play and Netflix.


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