Recap – Supergirl Season 2 Finale

Supergirl really came into her own in season 2, after the big move from CBS to The CW, some were worried that the shift would see a decline in the quality of the special effects and viewership. While the move brought in big ratings with additions like Superman and Miss Martian, the season suffered from a lack of real character with Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) needing to drop out of the show due to filming in Canada. The season started with the high of introducing Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) in the first two episodes and another female superhero with Miss Martian (Sharon Leal) and while the focus of the show moved from CatCo. to the DEO, the show did suffer from feeling like another Arrow, Flash cookie cutter show.

Fortunately the introduction of Linda Carter as the President of the United States with an alien backstory and the return of Cat Grant, Superman  and Miss Martian for the final two episodes, the show felt lifted again back to round out a whirlwind season with some great action and fight scenes, witty one liners and some emotional speeches and story arc conclusions that had our Novastream team in complete meltdown mode for the last 24 hours.

Following straight on from the last episode, Supergirl is faced with a mind altered Superman thanks to some silver kryptonite, which see’s Superman thinking that Supergirl is villain General Zod. It is one of the best choreographed and detailed fight scenes in the show’s history and is a great nod to Injustice 2 which was released last week as well.

After this is resolved, the episode moves onto the main event Supergirl Vs. Rhea. The show has been preaching about Supergirl being just as powerful as Superman and proves it with this episode. While some Superman fans are not happy about this, she proved herself to be just as powerful and more capable with the decisions she is faced with and the choice she makes in this episode.

The fight between Supergirl and Rhea does not go according to plan, with the forces of Daxim raining down on the city while the two battle it out. This introduces Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian and her army of friendly white martians to hit the streets and protect the citizens of National City, while Mon-El and Superman destroy the alien ships hovering over hospitals. It’s a battle of a grand scale usually only reserved for the crossover events and very impressive for a season finale.

The Luthors have also been a large part of season 2 with Lena and Cara/Supergirl forming a close relationship and Lena’s request to restore credibility to the Luthor name has been great to watch pan out this season. With these final 2 episodes seeing Lena reunite with her mother Lillian after trying to kill Supergirl and exterminate all aliens from the earth. Delivering a lead box that will render Earth uninhabitable for Daximites and forcing them to leave and never return. The problem is this also effects Mon-El, who would have to leave as well ending his relationship with Kara.

However knowing her mother Lena gives the remote detonator for the device to Supergirl who makes the ultimate sacrifice when Rhea plays dirty and detonating the lead bomb forces Mon-El to leave Earth in the capsule that brought him there. This scene of Mon-El leaving is accompanied by a dream sequence showcasing their relationship and the evolution from Daxamite enemy to hero and for fans of the series and these two characters it really hits hard.

The final scenes of the episode see Kara and Cat having a heart to heart about what has transpired and this was the point that I realised how much Cat Grant means to Supergirl and to Kara Danvers. The final two episodes convey the heart and humour that the show has lost since her departure and should send a strong signal to The CW that we need Cat Grant back for season 3. Cat Grant addresses Kara and this transpires to the audience delivering a heart felt and emotional speech that only Calista Flockhart can bring to this role.

We do also have to give several nods to the clever writer who gave this line to Cat Grant

“Star Wars? No, never seen it” Nerds everywhere would laugh at this great wink to Harrison Ford.

The final chilling moments of the episode take us back to Krypton when Kara and Kal-El were sent off in their pods, rearing the camera around to a different part of the planet revealing a group of cult looking aliens sending off their own pod, presumably to Earth as well. There are many fan theories that have come to light since this happened. Our favourite picks are Doomsday, H’el, Reign or Darkseid.

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